John Sharp is one of the most experienced big-game hunters operating in Southern Africa today, and counts many famous names among his repeat clients worldwide. While adhering to the strict ethics of Fair Chase, John epitomises the authentic ‘Great White Hunter’ of legend. A pilot, a crack shot and an excellent host, John puts the client at the center of everything he does.

John Sharp offers a variety of dangerous and plains game hunts in Zimbabwe.

All hunts are conducted by John personally or one of his hand-picked P.H.s.

“I never palm off a client on an inexperienced assistant.” he says, but refuses to be drawn into a discussion of other operators’ methods. He is a member of the prestigious African Professional Hunters Association, which has a select membership of around 120 professional hunters. Members of APHA are required to be sworn ‘ethical’ hunters, and to have extensive and continuing experience with dangerous game.

His favourite type of client? “Like-minded hunters – and beginners”, says John. “Although in this game, total beginners are rare – most people who come on a first safari in Africa are at least reasonable shots, and have hunted before. But I enjoy the privilege of guiding and educating a ‘rookie’ in the way of the hunt. My clients will track and stalk on foot with me, learning the techniques of approach and how to behave in a tight situation – and they’ll learn what real hunting is about.”

And does he welcome ladies on a hunt? “The few women who hunt are almost invariably model clients” he admits, “They always make totally sure of a clean shot, they hate to leave a wounded animal to be dealt with. I have no problems with lady hunters – quite the opposite.” But most of the female visitors to John’s camps are companions who come as observers.


John Sharp Safaris is a hands-on business and committed to personal service. I will meet you at the airport and guide you through the formalities, and then drive you to the camp. After the safari I will see you safely checked through to your final destination on your homeward journey. I personally attend to the day to day running and maintenance of the camps and the hunting equipment. I am committed to honesty – You will never be sold an animal or trophy size which does not exist on the property. I am committed to ethical fair chase hunting.